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Thursday, May 25th, 2023 12:34 AM

Blue light flashing- won’t recognize

Same  but I am getting live stream 

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1 year ago

Hi @waqui2, 

Are you referring to this known issue regarding the Outdoor Camera being unable to reconnect to users' systems with a blinking blue light?

If your Outdoor Camera can livestream, it should be connected to your system; and the blinking blue light indicates that a recording/livestream is in progress. If you're experiencing an issue with your Outdoor Camera, please let us know! We can help you troubleshoot it here in this thread.

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11 months ago

We use the outdoor camera to monitor our dog INDOORS when we are away. The light always flashes whenever we are home and there's movement in the room. Is there any way of turning the blue light off, other than putting black tape over it?

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@lornarn76The Outdoor Camera will blink blue when it detects motion and begins to record, or when someone is watching a livestream. You can turn off the Status Light, which is the light on the camera that indicates when a recording is in progress. 

You can turn off the Status Light in the SimpliSafe mobile app by tapping the three bar menu in the upper left corner > My System > Camera Settings > [your camera] > toggle the Status Light setting off > tap Save in the top right corner.

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7 months ago


I disconnected my outdoor wireless camera to charge battery and now cannot get it back in setup mode with white light? It just continues to blink blue and have followed all the setup steps multiple times. Can someone help please? Yes its connected to wifi and its fully charged.

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NVMD I figured out that you have to hold down the setup button to reset the camera and it will start to blink white. Then go through the setup procedure. I am now connected again. Thanks for answering my own question...LOL

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