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Tuesday, April 4th, 2023 1:49 AM

Indoor Camera Recording After Disarm from Home

Is there any way at all to disable the 'feature' that the indoor cameras open their shutters and record video upon disarming the system from Home mode?

I tried searching for this and I only came up with posts that this is how it works by default, not any way to defeat it.

I have a camera right outside the master bedroom (where the keypad is) that points at an outside door that I use to take the dog out early in the morning to do his thing, and am usually half naked; I don't like disarming the system and then having a camera record these shenanigans!

Is there no way to disable this function?

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11 months ago

@peavynation at this time, no. As long as the camera is associated with your alarm system, it will respond to those events.

But please don't worry, we believe that privacy goes hand-in-hand with security. Your videos are encrypted both in transit and at rest, so they're locked down and not accessible by anyone (not even SimpliSafe staff!) without your permission. And of course, you can remove videos from your Timeline at any time with the SimpliSafe app.

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Thanks for the prompt response @davey_d !  Please keep this in mind for a future feature, to allow the user to be able to enable/disable this function when disarming from 'Home'.  For 'Away', I agree that anything and everything should go active!

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@davey_d​ Please please change this and allow it to be an option!! I am clearly not the only person who wants this option as I have seen many, many similar posts, and every response is the same: it’s just not a thing. It seems unfair to the customer to not allow us to complete customize the system to our comfort. I don’t really care if no one can see the videos but me, it still makes me extremely uncomfortable. I don’t like feeling “watched” (again, even though I know no one is watching me, I just don’t like the open camera on me). Please listen to your customers and change it! 

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If someone really cares enough to make sure the person disarming is actually them, then fine, they can turn that on. The rest of us DO NOT want it!! 

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8 months ago

—> Indoor cameras that record when you are home is not a good thing!  <—- I have the same issue.  When disarming at home and being RECORDED walking through the dining room in less than appropriate clothing is very unnerving! It doesn’t matter that Simplisafe Employees won’t see it - it’s that fact the there is a recording of me AT HOME saved in the digital world.  Plus, if I’m showing someone else a timeline of videos, I don’t want to them to wish they hadn’t seen something.  This is a BIG deal and should be changed!  The solution is to have the cameras only record when disarming from Away mode.  They should never record when disarming from Home mode.

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SimpliSafe team PLEASE address this feature and remove the indoor camera feature that records disarming. My camera isn’t even in the same room as the keypad! This make me extremely uncomfortable and I will likely take down the entire system rather than have this camera keep flipping on. 

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I was surprised to find this out myself.  I believe this is a good thing when changing the alarm from away but definitely not from home.  

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