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Sunday, March 31st, 2024 4:52 PM

Outdoor Camera Issues

While using the Simplisafe program on Windows, during live streaming video I connect with audio only. No video. It goes to a blue screen with sound.

My iPhone Simplisafe app works perfectly. 

I have gone around and around with Simplisafe Tech support. I have done everything they requested, including reloading windows. I even loaded Simplisafe on a new empty PC (no virus or security programs) and the same issue occurs.  Camera motion detection sends notices where I can view the video without any problem. It's live feed that is F'ed up. And yes, on site internet is excellent, batteries charging etc etc etc. 

Does anyonre know how I can get past the screen readers at Simplisafe and talk to someone who has some sort of tecchnical knowledge?



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2 months ago

@Florida Sure. When I have an agent with no clue (rare but it happens...my favorite was when an agent asked me to remove the clear screen "cover" on the keypad...which I know is not removable.)...I politely ask for a technical specialist to call back. If I get a no, I ask the agent to read the notes on my account and I will wait until they put in the request for a callback.  The 1st level agent always says yes and will escalate you beyond the "screen readers".  Overall, I have found SS support to be excellent, polite and, when needed, escalted to a technical specialist.

If you get  a chance, please post your experience here after the escalation is complete. BTW, there is no way I would reload windows.


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Thanks for that advice Captain.  I'll follow your suggestion as soon as I have some time to burn. Strange I have the same issue on all of my PC's including a new one that has no programs installed yet.  

And yes, reloading windows was a BIG mistake. I should have ignored the suggestion.

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@captain11​ Surprise surprise. Without doing anything, I can now log into live stream on all of my computers. 

What seemed to work is posting this complaint. 

Community Admin


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2 months ago

Hi @Florida ,

The SimpliSafe webapp - the portal you log into to manage your account on our website - is dependent on your internet browser. I suspect that there's a browser compatibility issue, or you might have something installed that is preventing the video stream from going through. Here's a few questions that can help us narrow down the issue:

  • What internet browser are you using?
  • What make/model are those computers that you're using?
  • Do you know if you have a third party firewall or VPN service enabled on your computers?
  • Do you have adblockers enabled on the browser?
  • Do you have cookies enabled, and did you give site permissions to SimpliSafe on your browser?

Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this soon!

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@davey_d​   Do you have any insights on why I can not access live video feed on any of my cumputers other than my iPhone?  The strange this is, occasionally live feed works. Keep in mind I have tried all Simplisafe suggestions.  

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2 months ago

Edge and Google

Dell, Lenovo, HP and Gateway

firewall disabled

adblockers inactive

cookies enables and site permission given for the simplisafe site as well as the live stream link 

If I keep hitting the connect button, I get live feed every 50 tries. 

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