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Thursday, February 8th, 2024 6:28 AM

Multiple Accounts

I have two business that are completely unrelated other than I own both. I would like to have simplisafe in each location. Does the system allow toggling between two accounts yet or do you still need to log in and out? If I am not logged in and the alarms go off am I even notified from the logged out account?



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2 months ago

@aaronxlee I am not familiar with the particulars but Simplisafe does have a commerical version of the app. I suggest you call support today and ask.   Please post your outcome here after  your call if you get a chance. Thanks!

Note to SS: If you still have the app, you should make information about it in the community. I couldn't find anything.


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2 months ago

Hi @aaronxlee, 

Yes, you can set up each business' system under the same login so you can toggle between them in the mobile or web app.

After your set up your first system, you can add the second one to your account by going to ☰ Menu > Install a New System in the SimpliSafe mobile app and then follow the on-screen instructions.

To toggle between these properties in the mobile app, tap the 🏠 house icon on the top right and then select your location from the drop-down menu.

And as Captain11 mentioned, we do have a Property Management Dashboard that allows you to view all of your system locations on one screen. This will automatically pop up if you have 3 or more properties on your account.

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