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Friday, October 20th, 2023 7:37 PM

Logging into SimpliSafe App on wife's iPhone

When I try to login as to SimpliSafe as me on my wife’s phone, the face recognition blocks me. Anyone else had the problem? Solution? Just happened after new iPhone and new OS. Surely Simplisafe doesn’t mean to block other household members. Hope there is a fix because without one I will be forced to find a new security system.

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8 months ago

Hi @david_brooks, 

Just so I have this right - when you try to log in to your account on your wife's new iPhone, her Face ID prevents it? Do you receive any error message when you try to sign in? The troubleshooting steps listed in this Help Center article may help you log in.

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The issue isn’t biometric. How do I set up the system so it recognizes her and gives her the same privileges as me?

i believe it involves going to the control module and adding her cell number and also involves giving up two factor authorization. Please clarify this. 

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@david_brooks​ You are correct, if you enable Multi-Factor Authentication you can register your wife's phone number so whenever she logs into your account a confirmation code will be sent to her phone instead of yours. You can register her phone number in the SimpliSafe mobile by following the steps listed out in this Help Center article.

You are also correct in that when you enable Multi-Factor Authentication, it will replace 2-Step Verification.

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