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Biometric Authentication Troubleshooting


Some iOS users may experience an issue when attempting to use Biometric Authentication. This is the result of a communication error between SimpliSafe and the iCloud Keychain. In this state, you may see a request to use a passkey (scan a QR code from another iOS device), or an external security key.  

You can follow the steps below to quickly resolve this issue.

  1. If you are in a state where the device is requesting a QR code to be scanned, simply hit cancel in the upper right corner. Then, use a secondary factor of SMS to sign in to the SimpliSafe app.

  2. Next, remove the biometric token from the SimpliSafe App MFA Settings using the steps below. Once removed, you can set up Biometric Authentication the next time you log in.

    1. Select the three-bar menu from the top left corner of the app

    2. Choose Manage Account

    3. Next, choose Multi-Factor Authentication

    4. Then, you will be brought to the screen to manage your multi-Factor Authentication log-in options - including Biometric Authentication

    5. Tap on the X next to your Biometric Authentication to remove it