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Tuesday, October 11th, 2022 7:02 PM

How to log in?

​I tried all the suggestion below for connecting with my PC to web page,  My account page does not  have the little person in upper right, it has manage account on upper left.  When I click here does open a page for account, but does not list or show any device that one can click on.  Does one have to have a paid subscription to get ability to use PC to view camera(s) etc?  thanks​

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6 months ago

@klbackes69 it sounds like you did find the way to get to the webapp (and you can also click this link here).

But from what you describe, you don't have your Base Station linked to your online account yet. You'll need to do that to enable Basic App Control. You can follow these instructions to set up!

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5 months ago

It is almost impossible to login to simplisafe, says sent to my email and nothing, works once in a while.  I am getting to not like simplisafe at all.  I will stop recommending it for sure.

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