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How can I see my payment and billing history?


You can view your payment and billing history at any time by logging into the SimpliSafe® Web App in a web browser on your computer or tablet. Some permit and false alarm fine or fee invoices will not appear on the Web App using the steps below. If you require a copy of any permit fine or fee you don’t see listed, please contact permits@simplisafe.com. If you require a copy of a specific monitoring billing invoice, please reach out to our Support Team directly.

1. Log in to the Web App

2. Choose Manage Account from the upper left-hand corner of the screen. This can be found underneath your email address on the left-hand navigation menu

SimpliSafe® Web App's left-hand navigation menu

If you do not see this navigation menu, ensure that you are using the SimpliSafe® Web App and not the Mobile App.

3. On the Account page, scroll down until you see Monitoring Payments

4. From here you can select the invoice you wish to view by clicking on the invoice number

5. Additionally, you can use the page selector to the bottom right of the Monitoring Payments section to view older invoices

SimpliSafe® Monitoring Payment screen with lists of invoices by date, number, service plan, amount and payment status lists.