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Fri, Oct 28, 2022 7:43 PM

Change Payment on the Website

Where is the section in the website to change payment method.  Why make it so hard to find?

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29 days ago

Hi @cvoeglie ,

Here's how to navigate to that section:

  1. Log into your account online
  2. On the menu on the left, click Monitoring
  3. At the top, in the blue section, you'll see a section labeled Credit Card. Click Edit

You can select another card that is already added to your account, or add a new one.

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1 month ago

Me too looking for change Payment icon 

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23 days ago

That manage payment page is buried in a place that isn't obvious. When viewing the Manage Account page, the menu should have an explicit link for "Manage Payments". You can even keep the payment page buried in the Monitoring section, just surface the link to it on the menu  the user sees when they manage their account. Basic UI stuff here guys, this ones on a rookie UX team :)

Having just gone through the payment method update process, it's pretty unusual. The UX team should take a spin through a modern manage payment interface and adopt it.

Otherwise, the Simplisafe UX is very good. It's almost like the payment section was outsourced to a different design team.

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@adam_e84235​ thank you for your feedback. The logic in the navigation is that the only thing you would want to change payment for is Monitoring, so that's why it's in that section. But it does make sense to surface important functions like that in multiple sections. I'll let our dev team know of your suggestion.

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7 days ago

You are right - way too hard to find.

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6 hours ago

Agreed that updating payment method is way too hard.