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Tuesday, July 19th, 2022 4:20 PM

Can't log into the app

@simplisafe_admin​ I just recently installed a system with a camera. However, I can't get the App to allow me to log in at all, and so I have not been able to install the camera I bought.  Can someone reach out to help?

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1 year ago

Hi @todd_701e29 ,

Thanks for reporting your issue. Could you let us know a bit more about what you're experiencing? Are you seeing any error messages? And it would also be great to know what phone you're using, as well as the version of your operating system.

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1 year ago

If you're on Apple iOS, you might want to read the fix I found myself:


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7 months ago

1. Log into you SimpliSafe Account from a computer.

2. Click on Manage Account in the top right corner.

3. Click on Manage Multi-factor Authentication under the Multi-factor Authentication section.

4. Delete Biometric login method.

5. Click Add new login method

6. Set login method to SMS and Enter Phone number.

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