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Sunday, January 16th, 2022 1:44 PM

Motion Sensor when in Home Mode

I recently installed SimpliSafe and have several questions.

  1. I have a motion sensor in the living room. If I arm the system in Home mode and go to bed, will the motion sensor set off the alarm if I walk out and through the living room?
  2. Do I have to disarm the system within 30 seconds so the motion sensor doesn't send an alarm?
  3. If my alarm sounds do I have time to disarm the system before an alarm is sent to the monitoring service?

Thank you in advance for any help!

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2 years ago

1. yes, 2. yes depends on setting 3. Not sure  You can set the motion sensor to off when in home mode.



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1. yes

This is incorrect. Motion sensors do not trigger the alarm when the system is in Home mode. You can see confirmation at https://support.simplisafe.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035563851-What-is-Home-Mode-and-Away-Mode-What-sensors-are-turned-on-in-each-mode-

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2 years ago

Check you device settings on the App or website login. you can set the motion sensors in HOME mode to off or silent alert. Silent alert will just ping you phone if you have alerts turned on/set. If you have them (motion) set to alarm then yes you will need to turn alarm off in the time you have set under HOME mode in the system settings. 


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2 years ago

You can adjust your settings for "Home" mode under "Devices" when you login to you system on your computer or tablet (NOT the phone app).

Once you've selected the devices tab, look at the "Intrusion Sensors" section.  

Under the "Home" column you'll see what happens with your sensors when in home mode.  Here you can adjust sensor responses when in home mode.

You can disable you motion/camera sensors when in home mode so they won't alarm when home, and leave your door/window and other sensors active.  Then you can travel throughout you home without activating your cameras and motion sensors, but still be protected by your other sensors....

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2 years ago

Hi ChipWood,

By default, in Home Mode, all Motion Sensors are disabled. So yes, you'll be able to walk around your home while your doors and windows are guarded.

In the Devices section of the app, you can set which sensors are active in each mode, on a per-sensor basis.

And yes, when an alarm is triggered, you have 30 seconds in which you'll hear a chirping countdown tone, so you can disarm before the main siren (and actual alarm event) begins. The 30 seconds is also by default, and there are separate settings for Home and Away Mode.

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SimpliSafe won’t admit it, but even with the motion sensors set to Alarm while in Home mode their motion sensitivity is incredibly decreased. Don’t believe me? Test it out for yourself. 


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