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Tuesday, August 9th, 2022 2:40 PM

Entry sensor reported open when it is closed

​Anyone else getting the problem where the door is closed but the alarm thinks the entry sensor is open?​

​The alarm announces a sensor is open when setting. I check the app and go to that door but it is closed. Refreshing the app doesn't fix it so I have to open and re-close the door and now it shows closed.​

​It's happened with two different sensors now, both in a week. I had the same issue a month or so ago and it stopped happening. Now it has come back.​

​I spoke with support and they are sending two new sensors but it doesn't feel like a hardware issue. I thought I'd post on here to see if it's just me?​

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7 months ago

After speaking to the Support folk they decided the best thing to do would be to send me two new entry sensors. I'll update this if the problem happens again.

Meanwhile, I'd be interested to hear from anyone else having this issue.

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Just to follow up on my previous post. I did have several more occurrences of this issue after getting the replacement entry sensors - but all were before mid-October; none since then. There's been a few software updates since last summer and i wonder if these have addressed this "door reported open when it's not open" issue.

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2 months ago

One of our sensors has started doing the same - showing as open when it is in fact closed. We have tried everything we could think of including removing and re-adding the device and changing the battery.  It still continues to show as Open.  Coincidentally, this same sensor displayed with an error several times a week ago. We would open and then close the door to remove the error.

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Hi @pmekiss​, 

I'm sorry to hear this! I would recommend contacting our Support team. They can troubleshoot this with you live, and send a replacement Entry Sensor if needed. 

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