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Why Is My Entry Sensor Shown As Open When My Door Is Closed?


If you are consistently seeing a warning that one of your Entry Sensors is open, despite all of your doors and windows being closed, one of the following items is likely the cause:

  • Your Entry Sensor is too far away from its corresponding magnet piece

  • Your Entry Sensor and/or its corresponding magnet are placed on a metallic surface


First, double-check that the serial number printed on the sensor matches with the number reported in the warning. If the warning only shows a name, you can access that individual sensor’s settings through the SimpliSafe® Mobile App to find the sensor number by taking the following steps:

  1. Open up the SimpliSafe® Mobile App on your smartphone or tablet

  2. Select My System from the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen

  3. Select Device Settings

  4. Tap through the Entry Sensors on your system - their serial numbers will be displayed at the top of the screen

Next, confirm that the door or window where this Entry Sensor is located is closed. If it is closed, make sure that your Entry Sensor and its corresponding magnet are no more than two inches apart. If they are any farther apart, the sensor will be considered open.

You should also make sure that this Entry Sensor is not placed on a metal or steel surface, as that can cause the system to incorrectly register an Entry Sensor as open. If the door or window where this issue is occurring is metal, place a buffer between both parts of the Entry Sensor and the surface. This can be anything like a second layer of adhesive, thin cardboard, or velcro.