‎What does “Camera Disconnected” mean? | SimpliSafe Help Center
IMPORTANT: For systems purchased before 2020, you may lose connection to professional monitoring as of 12/31/22 if your Base Station 2G cellular module is not upgraded. Call us or check your SimpliSafe app Overview screen to see if your system is affected.

What does “Camera Disconnected” mean?


A "Camera Disconnected" error means that your camera is disconnected from either power or Wi-Fi and it is not receiving your app’s commands. Read on for possible causes and how to address the issue.

Disconnection Causes

  1. Your Wi-Fi network name or password changed, leaving your camera unable to connect to the network

  2. The camera or your Wi-Fi router lost power

  3. Your internet service provider experienced an outage

Rest assured that your SimpliSafe system runs primarily on a cellular connection and your Base Station comes equipped with a 24-hour backup battery to ensure that you are protected at all times—including during a power outage or loss of Wi-Fi connection.

Use the guided flow below to reconnect your camera to Wi-Fi.

Use the guided flow below to learn how to improve your Wi-Fi signal for your cameras.

Use the guided flow below to learn how to improve your overall upload speeds.