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How SimpliSafe® Products Communicate


SimpliSafe® products use varying methods of communication to talk to the Base Station and even your network. Below is a breakdown of the communication methods, and which SimpliSafe® products use that method.

Radio Frequency (RF)

The Base Station uses a dedicated radio signal to communicate with certain SimpliSafe® devices. Below is a list of our products that use RF to communicate with the Base Station:

  • All SimpliSafe® Sensors:

    • Entry Sensor

    • Motion Sensor Gen 1 and Gen 2

    • Glassbreak Sensor

    • Temperature Sensor

    • Water Sensor

  • Panic Button

  • Key Fob

  • All Life Safety Devices:

    • Smoke Detector

    • Carbon Monoxide Detector

    • Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector


Our cameras require a compatible 2.4GHz network in order to communicate with your SimpliSafe® System. Below is a list of which products use Wi-Fi to communicate with your system:

  • SimpliCam® Wired Indoor Security Camera

  • Video Doorbell Pro

Radio Frequency (RF) and Wi-Fi

Certain SimpliSafe® Cameras utilize RF and Wi-Fi to communicate with your Base Station and SimpliSafe® System. When motion is detected, the camera communicates with the Base Station via RF to analyze the event, then uses Wi-Fi to wake up and record the event. Below is a list of which products utilize both RF and Wi-Fi to communicate with your system:

  • Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Security Camera

  • Wireless Outdoor Security Camera