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Calibrating the Smart Lock


If you are receiving calibration errors or need to calibrate your Smart Lock for any reason, you can follow the below steps:

  1. Be sure the lock is powered on and has a functioning battery.

    • To do this, slide open the top cover, press the test button and check for blinking lights.

    • If ONLY the center light is slowly blinking, the lock has a low battery.

  2. Bring the Keypad close to the Lock.

  3. Recalibrate the lock through the Keypad: Menu > Devices > Lock > Recalibrate

  4. When prompted by the Keypad to "close your door," the user must manually turn the lock to a locked position, then press "done."

  5. The Smart Lock will turn three times during calibration.

  6. If the calibration is successful, the Keypad will ask "check your door, is it UNLOCKED?"

    • If the door is unlocked, the user should choose "Yes."

  7. The user will see a "congratulations” message and can press "OK" to exit the flow.

  8. The lock is now calibrated.