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Updating Your SimpliSafe® System


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Your SimpliSafe® System requires periodic firmware updates to receive the latest features, security upgrades, and more.

System updates to the Base Station and Keypad do not happen automatically as the system will be offline for a few minutes during the update process. You must initiate these updates when you see the gear symbol on your Keypad or receive a notification in the SimpliSafe® App. When initiating an update to the firmware from the SimpliSafe® App, it will only update the Base Station firmware and not the Keypad. To update the Keypad, please use the Keypad when the gear icon is present, or navigate to Menu > enter your Primary PIN > System Settings > Check for Updates. If you have multiple Keypads, you'll need to update each one directly.

Please note: You must be on Wi-Fi to receive system updates. If you have just installed your system and connected to Wi-Fi for the first time, your system could require up to an hour to download and apply all of the necessary updates.

Tip: If your Keypad is not working after the firmware update, this may be because your Keypad is low on batteries. Please take out all 4 batteries from the Keypad, wait 3 minutes, and then install new batteries

Camera Updates

Our cameras and video doorbells update automatically as long as your Base Station is running the latest firmware version. If a motion or alarm event occurs during the time that an update is being installed on the camera, the update will pause during the event so you're never without protection.

Use the guided flow below for an interactive, step-by-step guide through the update process.