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Calibrating the Smart Lock


If you are having trouble with your Smart Lock, calibrating the lock is a great first step to take to get everything synced and running smoothly again. 

As a first step, you’ll want to make sure that your Smart Lock is powered on and has a functioning battery. 

Calibrating the Smart Lock using the Keypad:

  1. Bring the Keypad close to the Smart Lock

  2. Press Menu on the Keypad

  3. Enter your Primary PIN

  4. Use the rocker to toggle to the Devices menu

  5. Choose Lock

  6. Toggle Recalibrate

  7. When prompted by the Keypad to “Close your Door” - manually turn the lock to a locked position and press “Done”

  8. The Smart Lock will then automatically turn three times during calibration

  9. If the calibration was successful, the Keypad will display “Check your Door, is it Unlocked?”

    1. If you notice the door is unlocked, please select YES to proceed

  10. The Keypad will now display “Congratulations” on it. You can press OK to exit the flow

  11. Your Smart Lock is now calibrated and you can use it again