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IMPORTANT: For systems purchased before 2020, you may lose connection to professional monitoring as of 12/31/22 if your Base Station 2G cellular module is not upgraded. Call us or check your SimpliSafe app Overview screen to see if your system is affected.

What does Professional Monitoring protect against? What happens during an alarm?


SimpliSafe's Professional Monitoring protects your home/building across many types of alarms. These are divided into three categories:

Burglary (Entry, Motion, Glassbreak, Panic Button)

When an burglary sensor is triggered (Entry, Motion, Glassbreak, or a Panic Button), our monitoring center is informed immediately. The monitoring service will attempt to reach your Primary Contacts to inform you of the alarm and determine whether the police should be dispatched. They'll ask for your Safeword if you wish to cancel dispatch (not send emergency authorities). Otherwise, the monitoring center will dispatch emergency authorities.

Please note, giving the wrong Safeword will result in dispatch and you won't be told you got it wrong to protect anyone who may be under duress. Missing the phone calls to your Primary Contacts will also result in police dispatch. Make sure to save our monitoring center's number (855-693-4911) in your contacts to help avoid this.

If no Primary Contacts are reached, police will be dispatched and our monitoring center will contact any Secondary Contacts you have set up to notify them that the police are on their way. 

If an Entry-, Motion-, or Glassbreak-triggered alarm is disarmed within 30–60 seconds of the initial alarm signal, our monitoring service will consider this a false alarm. That means you will not receive a phone call and police will not be dispatched.

Life Safety (Smoke and CO)

When a Life Safety sensor is triggered (Smoke and CO), the monitoring service will only contact the first Primary Contact as time could be critical. The Safeword is not required to cancel dispatch for a Smoke or CO alarm, you just need to pick up the phone and tell them it is a false alarm. If dispatch occurs, the Fire department will be sent to the property. 

Environmental (Water and Temperature)

When an Environmental sensor is triggered (Water and Temperature), the monitoring service will call both Primary Contacts to notify them. Environmental alarms do not result in dispatch regardless of whether you answer the phone or not. This is just a notification call from the monitoring center.