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Why is my Base Station Pulsing Red?


The Base Station can pulse red for two different reasons. Depending on the length of the pulse or the timing between it, it can mean different things.

Slow Pulse, with 8-10 seconds between each pulse

This indicates that there is a minor system error, such as radio interference. You can check the Keypad for more details. To resolve the red light, you will want to address the system error that's occurring.

Continous Pulse for 1-2 minutes, followed by Solid Red Light

If you are seeing a continuous pulse for 1-2 minutes, this indicates that there was a recent alarm. After 1-2 minutes the Base Station will turn to a solid red light to alert you to the recent alarm. You can check the Keypad or the SimpliSafe App for more details.

Clearing the Keypad Warning and Red Light

First, set your system to OFF using the Keypad or SimpliSafe Mobile App. On the Keypad, use the right rocker button to click towards the warning symbol, then select clear to clear the warning message. This should clear the error displayed on the Keypad and reset the light for your Base Station.