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What are Primary and Secondary Contacts?


Primary and Secondary Contacts are the phone numbers that are contacted in the event of an alarm. The following article will break down what each contact is, and the role it plays if an alarm sounds from your system.

Primary Contacts

Primary Contacts are the phone numbers that are contacted first after your alarm sounds, and before any emergency services are requested to your location. You have the option to provide two Primary Contacts, so different phone numbers can be reached. 

We recommend that you have two Primary Contacts listed, in case we cannot reach your first contact. It’s important that each Primary Contact knows the Safe Word for your system at this location. This will be needed to cancel the request for dispatch of emergency services during an alarm.

Note: Smoke-related alarms do not require a Safe Word to be canceled. Carbon Monoxide alarms cannot be canceled due to the life-threatening nature of the alarm.

Secondary Contacts

Secondary Contacts are the phone numbers that are contacted after emergency services have been requested. The monitoring center can call up to five Secondary Contacts. This feature is useful to notify other people in the event of an alarm that emergency services have been requested to your home or business. Customers often make family members, neighbors, and friends their Secondary Contacts.

Note: Secondary Contacts cannot cancel alarms, so you do not need to share your Safe Word with them.

Saving the Monitoring Center Phone Number

It’s important that both the Primary and Secondary Contacts save the monitoring center phone number to their phones. 

That phone number is 855-693-4911

Once saved to your phone, you’ll also want to allow us access to bypass Do Not Disturb and Silent Profiles. This allows for Critical Alarm Notifications to get through to you, regardless of your phone’s volume or profile status.

Still Need Help?

You can edit your Primary and Secondary Contacts using the SimpliSafe® Mobile App and Web App. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team for further assistance!