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Tuesday, August 30th, 2022 4:12 PM

Does the Wireless Siren help?

Can’t hear alarm throughout house!   Does the auxiliary siren help?   It seems really expensive!

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2 years ago

Hi @joan !

The Base Station does have a volume setting, which you can find through the Keypad menu, as well as through the Simplisafe app. At max volume, the siren is about 95dB, or as loud as a subway train passing by.

The Wireless Siren, meanwhile, can go as loud as 105dB - or as loud as a rock concert. Since it's fully wireless, it can be placed anywhere, like the other side of your house. And because it's weatherized, it can even be placed outside! Just keep in mind that the Siren is able to echo the countdown tones from the Keypad, as well as the Door Chime and full alarm sirens from the Base Station.

But the voice prompts and doorbell chime are able to go through the Base Station only.

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