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Thursday, April 4th, 2024 9:35 AM

Siren on base station went off for no known reason

At about 5 this morning the siren alarm went off in our base station. It turned off again after about 2 minutes. The system is set to OFF. There was no notification to either email or text. The log of events shows nothing. What in the world is going on?

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2 months ago

Hi @camarella, 

The sound you heard, was it the siren that goes off when an alarm is triggered, or was it a three-tone chime that's reminiscent of when an Entry Sensor is opened?

If the sound was more of a three-tone chime, that is the Base Station's Trouble Signal. The Trouble Signal alerts you of potential issues with your system and does not result in an event log in your timeline. You can learn more about the Trouble Signal and how to resolve the issue here in our Help Center.

But if you did not hear the Trouble Signal, would it be possible to get a recording of what you heard? That could help us identify what is happening.

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@emily_s​ It was definitely not like the three-tone chime. It was loud enough and long enough to make me jump and try to figure out which alarm was going off. It was definitely coming from the base station, and it turned off on its own after sounding constantly for more than 2 minutes. There was no light coming from the base station, and there was no little triangle with an exclamation mark on the keypad.

On the chance that it might have been some kind of Trouble Signal, how the heck do I figure out what the trouble might be? I went through every menu, log and diagnostic I could find, on the keypad and on the app. If there was trouble, shouldn’t I be notified about what’s wrong and how to fix/address it?

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@camarella​ If this was the Trouble Signal, you would see a notification on your Keypad telling you what the problem was (like if a sensor has a low battery or there's a No Link to Dispatcher warning.)

But if there was nothing on your Keypad, the problem may have resolved itself, or it may not have been the Trouble Signal at all. In the case where this wasn't the Trouble Signal, getting a recording of the sound could help us identify this issue.

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