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Sunday, December 20th, 2020 2:53 PM

Siren drained batteries in a couple weeks?


My extra Siren is lost connection, so checked the batteries (has lasted about a year or so) and they needed replacing which I did with 4 fresh AA batteries.  about 2 weeks later, disconnected again and on checking batteries, seems they've been drained again?

Is it an issue with the siren or the batteries I'm using (regular amazon basic AAs)




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3 years ago

@victoria_115 If you got a year out of the siren, and then only 2 weeks, I would suspect the batteries. I would try 2 Duracell and see how it goes. If okay, the batteries are to blame and return them Amazon. If the siren, contact SS for troubleshooting or return/replacement.

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1 year ago

You're not wrong Victoria, same here. I am sending back for a refund the 2nd siren to chew through batteries. They know there is a problem. One theory is an update causes the problem. It's too bad that we cannot rely on a part of the system to make us feel Simplisafe.

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@justindeloach​ The thing is, the Siren doesn't have its own firmware, so that wouldn't be the cause for a sudden issue like this.

One thing that could have been the problem, however, is interference. That could have forced your siren to work harder than it should to maintain the connection with the Base Station, which could drain the batteries if it goes on for long enough.

Interference can be caused by dense physical objects literally getting in the way of the signal. So if there are thick walls or heavy appliances between the Base Station and that Siren, that could be blocking the signal.

The other thing could be other wireless signals competing for the same airspace. Since the Base Station uses a low frequency to communicate with the components, you're looking for simpler devices like remote controlled garage door openers, wireless weather stations, or even some older types of baby monitors.

Sorry to hear that you're sending back your siren. But if you ever want to try again, please let our Support team know and we can help with troubleshooting further.

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4 months ago

Same problem here even with the replacement for my1st one that killed batteries in about a month.

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