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Saturday, March 12th, 2022 10:31 PM

Auxiliary siren questions

Does the auxiliary siren have the option to alert for similar things as the base station? Can it:

- beep for the countdown timer when the alarm is activated prior to the siren going off like the base station does?

- chirp when entry sensors are opened?

- make a sound when home/away/off is triggered?

in my case, I’d like a device in our garage that can beep when the alarm is triggered so if we forget to turn it off and come home and trigger the motion sensor in the garage, we know it’s counting down from out there. Otherwise we might miss it if we’re busy getting the kids out without realizing we triggered it.

i thought about another keypad but I believe that doesn’t produce the countdown warning sound, just the base station does. So I’m hoping the auxiliary siren can do that.

*edit: the keypad does produce the count down timer sound.  

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2 years ago

Hi tysonc,

Yes, the Wireless Siren can relay the Entry and Exit countdown chirps, the Door Chime (for when Entry Sensors are opened), and of course the main alarms.

But no, there's currently no sound for when your system is armed or disarmed after the countdown is complete.

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@davey_d​ hi Davey, thanks for the response. Can you clarify a bit? Are you saying the aux siren does play an audible count down timer like the keypad when the alarm is first triggered? Or just that it plays the standard beep when an entry sensor is opened?

I also don’t follow your last sentence of a sound after the countdown is complete. Isn’t that when the alarm would sound at full blast?

thanks in advance

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Hi tysonc,

Apologies, here it is a little more straightforward:

  • When the system is Off, and an Entry Sensor is opened, you'll get the Door Chime.
  • When the system is in the process of Arming, you'll get the countdown chirps before it's armed. But it just stops, when it's armed (whereas the Base Station would say for example, "Alarm On...").
  • When the system is already Armed, and a Sensor is trigged, you'll get the countdown before the main siren. There is no prompt when the system is properly disarmed.

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1 year ago

Can the auxiliary siren be set to cut off in 4 minutes similar to the base station siren?



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