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Monday, October 16th, 2023 11:28 PM

Feature Requests

After using and adding to my SimpliSafe system for about 2 years, I have a few suggestions and feature requests:

1. Provide all the same functionality from the website and mobile app, preferably with identical menus and pages. Currently, there are some functions and settings that can be accessed only from the mobile app.

2. In the Timeline, let me filter events by device(s) as well as date. For instance, let me see just the events from my Front Door and Back Door cameras, without seeing all my other camera events.

3. On the Cameras page, let me rearrange the order of the cameras. The website shows the cameras in the order that I added them to the system, and the mobile app shows them in alphabetical order, but neither of these is what I want.

4. For Outdoor Cameras that are wired to provide constant power, provide an option to optimize for faster responsiveness and better motion detection instead of power saving.

5. Let me add more than 10 cameras to each location.

6. Provide an option for the base station to announce the name of an entry sensor when it's opened, instead of just beeping.

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9 months ago

I can agree on some of these. 

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9 months ago

Hi @JoeRollerfan, 

Thank you for these suggestions! Some of these requests we have already submitted to our dev team for their consideration, like:

Once we hear more about the status of these requests, an update will be provided in each thread. 

We track the status of each individual feature request in the Community, so when submitting requests we do ask that each one has its own post. If you could please create a post for request number 1 and 5 from your list, we can submit them to our dev team!

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@emily_s​ my most favorite and the main one I can't wait for is entry sensor announcement, man I would feel like I won the lottery with that one 🤣🤣. But cameras and disable deep sleep if plugged in is a great one as well and hope it can be done. Thanks 

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