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Wednesday, July 26th, 2023 3:01 PM

Recent Product/Service Reviews

Just like the old rock and roll classic "Two out of Three Ain't Bad" by Meatloaf, in my humble opinion, Simplisafe has hit two home runs with recent releases and one strikeout.  Here is the box score from my viewpoint (feel free to add yours):

Combination Smoke and CO sensor:  This has been requested by customers for over 10  years and Simplisafe has delivered big time with a smaller, more compact unit with improved firmware to minimize false alarms and in a smaller footprint. From a coverage type format and cost, the one I purchased is doing double duty in one of our bedrooms and will be replacing our existing separate smoke and CO sensors over the next few months. Home Run.

Smart Alarm Camera combined with FastProtect:  I was a big time skeptic on this one but being part of the beta and actually testing the SS monitoring after the beta in real time has made me a true believer. From a hardware standpoint, the progressive innovative design to world class firmware, they all combine for great performance.  The motion detection is as good as a standalone motion sensor, the HD quality wide angle lens impressive and the FastProtect process delivers everything promised. Another home run.

Motion Sensor Gen2  Let me start with one word on this: Yawn.  Now how about four words: Not in my home. (NIMH, maybe a new acronym?)  Based on my testing,  I will definitely pass, letting the one I bought collect dust for now until Simplisafe updates the firmware to improve performance.  The Gen1, or original, provides better coverage all around, and by modifying installation, IMO better suited for homes with pets. A primary reason for this is the included manual sensitivity switch. For now, at least, a strike out.

Again two out of three ain't bad, and hat's off to the Product Development and Marketing teams for an impressive batting average.

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