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Monday, April 12th, 2021 9:11 PM


Timeline filter and sort

I have my camera on a garage facing the street with sensitivity set to high so I get a fair amount of motion events.  It would be great to filter by time in addition to days in order to review all activity occurring over night (e.g. 11 PM - 5 AM) so that I can review anything that may have taken place in the evening hours for one or several days.

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3 years ago

Hi @andrewjgeraghty,

Thanks for the idea! We've let our dev team know that expanding the usability of the timeline filter is a requested feature.

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2 years ago

I find it extremely inconvenient that the iPhone app does not have a feature to filter cameras’ recordings based on camera name.

Wonder what other users think/do about it?


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100% agree! Been wondering that myself for a long time. My doorbell captures the most recordings, its hard to find my driveway camera recordings buried in the timeline, filtering by camera would be so darn convenient. 

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3 months ago

I have multiple cameras so filtering by date only helps a little bit. It would be a bigger help if I could filter by camera so I could check a particular area at a time. 

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