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Sunday, April 3rd, 2022 7:43 AM


Disable Outdoor Camera Deep Sleep when connected to Power Adapter

​Hello, I have a suggestion for a future update. I, as well as many others I’m sure, have wired all my outdoors cams to get power from an outlet so I don’t have to worry about battery charging. I understand you try to conserve battery usage by putting the camera into sleep mode until motion is detected. However, this remains so even if connected to power. It would be nice to have the option for the camera to always be in awake status and connected to WiFi when powered as the time to wake the camera and connect to check on things is pretty sluggish even if in close proximity of WiFi router.​

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1 year ago

This is a great recommendation!!  I hope it's already in their development window but if not they need to get this added.

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1 year ago

Years ago there were rumors of a SimpliSafe PoE camera.  I know SimpliSafe finally just released the new outdoor battery powered camera.  And their whole deal is simplicity through wireless...

So the SimpliSafe cameras connect to WiFi, not directly to the the base station like the sensors.  And WiFi connections outside the home (through the bricks) is typically not stable.  Camera connection stability is the biggest reason to provide a PoE camera option.

SimpliSafe did finally release a true outdoor camera that is battery powered.  And it is still WiFi connected.

The argument that PoE is not "simple", and thus it goes against their target market, is not a good argument.  A flaky WiFi connection is also not "simple", it is frustrating.  Our SimpliSafe doorbell often gives the message "Your camera is disconnected from the internet" when trying to view the live feed even though the WiFi access point is 10 feet away through the wall.

Yes provide the WiFi and battery powered cameras to hit the standard "simple" market, but also create a PoE camera for us users with a little more technical ability.  After all, it is us tech savvy who are the main influencer of a brand - people ask our opinion.  Currently I say no to SimpliSafe cameras because the WiFi experience is too flaky.  We simply need PoE.

It would also be a WAY cheaper and simple product to produce.  No battery, no WiFi chips and antennas.  Just the camera, power module, and ethernet chip.

So is there any update on a PoE camera?

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1 year ago

It would be even better if it were a PoE (power over ethernet) camera.  That would solve the power/battery issue and provides a rock-solid network connection.

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8 months ago

If my outdoor camera is hardwired with a power source, there should be an option to disable "deep sleep" for a faster camera wake. 

I literally just had an wanted visitor in my yard and couldn't see their face because the camera woke when they walked away... I get that your product is new and iterative but this is just a straight up product design flaw and lack of ownership to ship this product in its state when your users need fast and responsive alerting. 

When can we expect this to be shipped out as a firmware update? 

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@eazyeazy You are definitely not alone with your request.  When I got my first outdoor cam (now have two) I quickly found that the battery just wouldn't cut it in the greater Chicagoland area, and the idea of climbing a ladder to swap out batteries in the winter when the windchill would be a balmy -24 or so didn't appeal to me for some reason. :-)

Purchased and installed AC adapters for both so the battery issue is no longer a concern. What did disappoint me was the outdoor cam still needed to be "awoken" from its sleep and go through the mutliple stages (and 7-10 seconds) to start a live stream).  Yes, the outdoor camera and simplicams spoiled me, and are almost instaneous after many firmware updates.  I sent an email and asked why can't the outdoor cam work the same and was advised they are "working on it".

Okay, Simplisafe: hint, hint. This is where you respond  with specifics other than "we have passed this on to our dev team" . For the record, and in fairness, the response time for the outdoor camera has improved since released, but still not to the performance level of the simplicams and doorbell pro.

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I have two outdoor cameras setup at different angles on the carport.

I am able to make it from the house into a vehicle before either camera wakes from the deep sleep.  Because I am in the vehicle the camera no longer registers/recognizes person motion and goes back to sleep.  If I wait until the camera goes back to sleep, then I can pull out of the carport without even registering a recorded event.

The cameras are at best just a deterrent.

The cameras do not work well with mesh wifi.  The cameras come no where close to the 3-6 month advertised battery life.  The cameras are not capable of scheduling detection/notification periods.  The cameras take extremely too long to wake up and record anything of meaningful value.

I originally had posted the protected by simplisafe sign and stickers around the house.  I am considering taking them down because of the well known and documented issues with these cameras.

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This is a big "ME TOO".  It is annoying to get a motion detection and see the last few seconds as someone walks away.  As long as the camera is hard wired, this is a no brainer.

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5 months ago

What I would give to be able to buy hardwired cameras that I can reliably access on a dime and have recording 100% of the time. Understand please that customers will line up down the street to have such a system. Granted, installation will be more challenging but the end result is infinitely better. WiFi is NOT dependable even with range extenders. 

What I want from Simplisafe is simple... Cameras which I can hardwire to power and the internet. I currently run backup power to sensitive electronics such as my computers, router and doorbell camera. It is a dream to have access to these systems when power goes out. However, the wifi is never 100% reliable even when using a close access point. Being able to connect every camera (doorbell camera, indoor and outdoor cameras) to my router directly would be amazing!!! If I were also given an option to take video footage and store it up to 72 hours total on a backup drive... WOW. I'd love to have all my security equipment through Simplisafe. It would simplify everything security for me. Until then resorting to a different camera configuration with a different company Is all that I can do. 

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4 months ago

Simply, I would invest in Simplisafe if they offered PoE cameras.

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