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Wednesday, September 1st, 2021 10:38 PM


Desperate for HomeKit Integtration

It must already be on the SS roadmap, but current lack of HomeKit integration is painful. Every light, TV, speaker, lock, camera, etc. in my house is integrated with my Apple HomeKit configuration making automations and notifications a breeze. Except for one that is. I have been using a Home Bridge with a GitHub plugin as a workaround, but it leaves A LOT to be desired.

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HomeKit compatibility

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2 years ago

Thanks for the feedback, meageropulence. I'll pass it on to our devs.

- Johnny M.
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sure..... Johnny.......

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If your looking for HomeKit integration you can do it with a HOOBS Homebridge Hub. Makes it easy to add Simplisafe to HomeKit using the Simplisafe3 plugin available in the HOOBS library, Including the Simplisafe Base Station as well as cameras and accessories where the can interact with other HomeKit devices.
This plugin supports:

Real time event streaming: get immediate notifications anytime the alarm is armed / disarmed / triggered.
Sensors: always be on top of your home with immediate access to the sensor status. Create smart automations directly from the Home app (e.g. when the front door is opened, turn the lights on).
Cameras: view your SimpliCams directly from the Home app, receive doorbell notifications and motion snapshots.
Battery monitoring: the Home app will notify you if the battery level of one of your sensors is low.


I've been using it for over a year without any problems, plus it allowed me to downgrade monitoring service to the standard plan saving $10.00 a month.

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2 years ago

HOOBS HomeKit Bridge Simplisafe3 plugin supports all the functions Simplisafe promised when it was first introduced but never delivered on...

Alarm arm/disarm     ‚úÖ     Home, away and off modes
SimpliCam             ‚úÖ     Audio, video, motion*, no microphone
Doorbell                     ‚úÖ     Audio, video, motion, no microphone
Smart lock             ‚úÖ     
Entry sensor             ‚úÖ     
Smoke detector     ‚úÖ     Includes support for tamper & fault
CO detector             ‚úÖ     Includes support for tamper & fault
Water sensor             ‚úÖ     
Freeze sensor             ‚úÖ     Supports temperature readings, not sensor trigger
Motion sensor             ‚úÖ     Requires motion sensor set to "Secret Alert" or "Alarm" in SimpliSafe settings**
Glassbreak sensor     ‚ùå     State not provided by SimpliSafe
Keypad                     ‚ùå     State not provided by SimpliSafe
Panic button             ‚ùå     State not provided by SimpliSafe

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@richardericksen​ But will it set the system to Home, Away, Off, etc. based on who enters or leaves the house without the dreaded "This automation requires confirmation to run because it may allow entry into your home." notification?

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Theoretically you could create an automation that turns another device, such as a light, to turn off when you enter or leave, and then create an automation for the light that sets SimpliSafe based on whether it's turned off or on.  

But alas, SimpliSafe put the kibosh on that with their 'new' log on requirements so I was unable to test it.  

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I have SimpliSafe running again on Homebridge.

I created an automation that turns on a light plugged into a smart plug that turns the light on when I return home..

Then I created an automation that disarms SimpliSafe and opens my garage door (meross smart garage door opener) when the light turns on,

IT WORKS, no conformation needed!!

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