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Sun, Nov 20, 2022 8:25 PM

What happens if you dont answer the call?

Hi, I am new to Simpli Safe. I used to have the Ring alarm pro. I would like to know if the first contact on the list does not answer, do they send out emergency services and then call the 2ed person? 

If the CO alarm goes off, do they call emergency services first and then call the first person? I heard if it goes off, it's up to you rather tell them to dispatch emergency services, but I think emergency services should be called first. I want more info on that, pls.

What is the response time? And how does the permit work?



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6 days ago

@carsondreed7 Great question. The good news is that SS has a very good, comprehensive article to answer your question in the Help Center. See the link below. The bad news is that if you search the community, it doesn't come up with the article in the help center but only a thread with my own, limited reply.  SS, can you include the Help Center on community searches? If it already does, why didn't this come up? Thanks!


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4 days ago

Hi @carsondreed7 ,

Thanks to @captain11 for the link to our Help Center page. To save you the click, I can tell you that for almost every type of alarm, the first Primary Contact on your account would be called first. They will only wait for a couple of rings (they will not wait on the line until you answer).

In the case of Fire type alarms, if you do not respond to that first call, then that's when our operator moves on to your local fire department. 

As for permits - there are different legal requirements depending on your municipality. Some areas only need you to register yourself and your home, while some require a fee, and/or that you participate in some from of education. You'll get the most accurate info from your own local fire department. But our dedicated Permits team at permits@simplisafe.com can help too!