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What is Video Verification?


Video Verification is a setting that is available for users who own a SimpliSafe® camera, a SimpliSafe® security system, and are Fast Protect™ subscribers (formerly Interactive Monitoring)

Video Verification is an option that allows our monitoring center personnel to view footage captured by your SimpliSafe® Camera(s) during alarm events. The monitoring center agent handling the alarm will be able to review the alarm footage to determine whether an intruder can be verified on the premises and help you understand what’s occurring in your home. This enables quicker, more accurate police response and reduces expensive false alarms.

Monitoring center agents will only be able to view the footage for the specific alarm they are responding to. Their access also will expire after a short time period. No SimpliSafe® employee or monitoring center agent has at-will access to your camera footage.

Enabling Video Verification

You can enable or disable Video Verification from the SimpliSafe® Mobile App

  1. Click Cameras at the bottom of the screen

  2. Tap the gear icon at the top right of the screen

  3. Below a list of your cameras, you will see the Video Verification option that can be toggled On or Off



Setting Options

Default Value

Video Verification

Determines whether the monitoring center can see your camera footage in the event of an alarm.