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Sunday, July 24th, 2022 6:34 AM

Repetitive false fire alarm

The system repetitively sent false fire alarms as no one was cooking. We even canceled the alarm right away via the keypad. But, the fire truck still came over to my house TWICE since last night!! I feel so bad for the fire fighters! And also feel extremely annoyed by this situation! I got transferred to the customer service in this afternoon and thought the problem was solved but it happened again around 11:00pm tonight!! Not sure what I should do. Just unplugged the base station. Hopefully we can have a peaceful night before I can talk to the customer service again. Not happy!!!!

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1 year ago

Hello @musettafu,

Welcome to the community! I can certainly understand the frustrations here, especially when an alarm is triggered late in the evening. 

Something to consider... Our Smoke Detector is the photoelectric type. This means that it can be set off by more than just smoke. Dust particles, steam, and even small bugs have the potential to trigger an alarm event from the Smoke Detector. It's important to regularly clean the detector to avoid false alarms triggered by dust.

One quick note, unplugging the Base Station from power would revert it to its' backup power supply comprised of internal batteries. If you need to disable the Base Station in the future, you'll want to open the compartment on the bottom of it with a Phillips screwdriver and remove a single battery from the unit. That will fully power down the Base Station.

If you have any questions at all, just let me know!

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1 year ago

@Captain11  will never let us forget to vacuum our smoke detectors... ;P

I have a recurring calendar event with his name on it to make sure I do it.

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