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Tuesday, June 6th, 2023 3:17 AM


New code requirements for smoke detectors

SimpliSafe needs to make changes to smoke and carbon monoxide detector functions to meet new code requirements.  One of these requirements is to have all detectors alarm when one detector detects smoke.  Just found out first alert has a battery operated detector which communicates with all detectors and performs the alarming of all detectors wirelessly.  This is a step in the right direction and we need SimpliSafe to provide the same capability for existing and new detectors.  Just got my permit for an addition to my house and the local official is requiring me to upgrade my entire house to meet the new code requirements.  Specifically, requiring 110v and hard wired interconnection to alarm all detectors with the sensing of one detector of smoke.  In addition, the new code requires additional detectors to be installed (e.g. one in each bedroom, hallways and outside bathrooms, all levels etc.)  My initial estimate is that for my current 4 bedroom and soon to be 3 bathroom home I will be required to install and additional 8 detectors, while only adding an additional bathroom to the home.  Would like SimpliSafe to interface with code authorities to get their system to be an acceptable alternative to the current code required installations.  It should be noted that first alert now has a smoke detector which wirelessly communicates with up to 17 other detectors to perform the alarm function on all detectors.  We need SimpliSafe to help the community of clients to meet these new requirements.  It will be good for us and them since they will be selling more smoke detectors than what they currently are doing.

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9 months ago

Hi @tquintenz, 

Our Smoke Detector is intended to work in tandem with your existing fire safety devices, with the benefit of the device being connected to a 24/7 professional monitoring service. That being said, our engineers are always working on innovative solutions. We have submitted the suggestion of wired smoke detectors and alarm listeners to our dev team. If/when development is in progress for either of these features, an update will be provided in their respective thread. 

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13 days ago

It would be more robust to use the wired, interconnected smoke detectors and have a device, which listens for an alarm and transmits the single to Simply safe monitoring. 

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