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Thursday, June 8th, 2023 12:00 PM

False alarms

I purchased 4 smoke alarms However they keep giving false alarms. I have called customer service on numerous occasions and have replaced 2 of the alarms. Last nite got had another false alarm. Returning all units for refund. Very unreliable products 

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9 months ago

Hi @tompmad ,

I do see that you're already aware of our latest Smoke & CO Detector, which can differentiate actually dangerous smoke from other cause of false alarms.

If you still have your existing units, however, we've still got some troubleshooting steps that can help a lot as well!



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9 months ago

@tompmad I have six smoke sensors on my SS3 system. None, zip, have given me a false alarm since 2017. Where do you have them  installed? Locations can make a difference. Also, I do clean them once per month, takes very little time with a can of compressed air. Can you provide more details?

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