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Wednesday, June 24th, 2020 5:48 PM

SmartLock and Key Fob

So I just recently installed the smart lock.   Not bad, but I have one very good suggestion.  I have the lock engage after 5 minutes.  Love this feature, but in order to drive up and unlock the door when not in home mode,  I have to press home mode and then off to get the lock to unlock.  

I suggest that if any key fob off button is pressed then the smart lock unlock.   Yes, I know i can use my pin, but sometime I am walking in with my hands full and would like the convenience of hitting the off button to unlock the door for 5 minutes.

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3 years ago

100% Agree - I didnt realize when I bought the system and extra keyfobs that the fob could not be used to unlock the smartlock.  Seems logical and an easy firmware update to enable this option.

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2 years ago

If the rest of the family is in home....system on "home"-- moving the fob to off should DEFINITELY unlock the smartlock.

You may or may not realize this-- but even going keyless with the PIN pad is a huge convenience and selling point for you product.   I've never had a security system-- but I've found that locking and unlocking via the external pad is very convenient.   If the keyfob unlocked the door every time....I would be buying keyfobs for everyone in the family.

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...until you lose your key fob and your wallet.

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