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Friday, February 5th, 2021 6:08 PM

prospective user looking for help on what to buy

many thanks for your help -- we have 2 main entrances to the house -- garage downstairs left side -- carport upstairs right side -- do i need 2 keypads or will 1 keypad and 2 fobs work ? what would you guess is the max usable distance for fobs ?  any tips/tricks/guidance on using/locating motion sensor(s)  with 2 golden retrievers --



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3 years ago

@ lfthom you are asking a lot to be posted so I will first suggest you call SS and ask for assistance.

That said, for convenience I would go with a keypad at each entry, if you can afford it. Also, key fob which I never use, is good at over 50 feet in my testing.  Also, if  you have the 24.99 total command plan (which I highly recommend)  you can use your phone app too. It comes down to personal preference and I hate keyfobs. They can get lost, accidently hit the wrong button in your pocket etc etc.

As far a a golden retriever, I would avoid motion sensors altogether anywhere they have access. Go entry and glass breaks in those rooms.

Good luck
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