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Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022 1:12 PM

Order Confusion

I just bought your system. Your response makes no sense. I’m trying to ascertain if you have my order and payment and if it has been shipped. My name is [info removed]. I am replacing an ADT system. I’ve had ADT for 8 years. I have had problems with ADT at my first house. I moved and got talked into a new system which has been a problem with the equipment. Now it isn’t working as battery died second time in two years. I replaced it with the one they sent me and although it worked for 5 min. It doesn’t work again.  They keep billing me though. It's still attached to my wall but says battery died. They won’t send someone to help. I need to get SimpliSafe up and running. 

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1 year ago

Hello @believe3318 ,

Please be aware that this is a public space, so we would not recommend posting any private information. We have removed the private info in your post.

Unfortunately, as a self-installed system, we do not have agents that we can send on-location. But our Support team can walk you through troubleshooting, replacements, and order tracking. Click here to get started - we have Live Chat and phone call options!

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I order one of your systems recently.  On the USPS website, it stated, "No such number".  I logged into your site an it appears that I mistyped my address.  The address should be as follows.


I apologize for the error.  Please contact me if there are any questions.  My e-mail and phone number are listed below.



Thank your for your assistance.

John [edited]


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@burgerjj​ I first want to let you know that I removed any private information from your comment. The Community is a public forum, and we do want to protect your privacy. If you connect with our Support team, they will be able to update your shipping address and get your system sent over to you!

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