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Monday, November 2nd, 2020 5:03 PM


Remote Base Station Reset

SimpliSafe, in your constant development of new products and services, PLEASE consider strongly a way to "reset" the base station from your Corporate location via your software. You can see all of my sensors, you can see that its armed away, even that the door is locked. Why can't you figure out a way to reset the Base station in a power failure? The system is installed in a second residence which I am only at every few months!

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2 years ago


In case another user finds this thread, we should clarify with a response. SimpliSafe app uses the same connection to your Base Station as our service. So if your Base Station is ever unresponsive on the app, that means we wouldn't be able to access it from our end either!

A Base Station reset is sometimes useful as a troubleshooting step, to force the unit to reestablish all its connections. But that needs to be done physically on the equipment itself.

The best thing to do is just to make sure that the Base Station stays connected at all times. That includes the Base Station's built-in cellular connection, which is activated with a qualifying Monitoring Plan. We suggest contacting our Support team to double-check that your system is fully connected and running properly!


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4 years ago

Low and behold, after about 24 hours the Base Station is back up. Must be that the batteries recharged. Situation corrected!
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