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Friday, January 10th, 2020 7:04 PM

What happened to all the features on the "Original" SimpliSafe?

Well, Police were here today. Our housekeepers PIN, which she had been using successfully for 3 or 4 years no, didn't work.  We missed the calls. I'm home, and nowhere on this Web Site do I see a place to change anything other than the master PIN.  On the control panel, the menu seems like it's been changed.  I can't change user PIN's there either, the entire PIN sub menu is gone.  I can't even control chimes, etc anymore.   Was my service downgraded?  I'm not paying extra for things I've had for at least 5 years now.  And if SS thinks I might, they should have at least notified us about loss of features.  

I have a ticket in as well, but I'm fuming right now. What a lousy way to treat original early adopter customers.  Did some larger entity buy them out?  All the more reason to move on if this is the case.

Signed, One Ticked off Customer.

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4 years ago

Don't wait for an email response, they haven't been responding to emails much.  Call them, try calling at 9 am (ET) when they open, press #1 for sales to get someone to answer sooner.

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4 years ago

Um....I can't imagine them taking away PINS.

Must be a glitch.  But even then, I'd be ticked too.

And call at 9am ET.

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4 years ago

I just went to View Account on the Simiplisafe website.  On the left side of the screen it said PINs.  I clicked on that and was able to add custom PINs.  Of course I did this on my computer.  YMMV on a phone.

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4 years ago

^ There used to be a third monitoring plan (19.99) that they discontinued - when SS3 rolled out in Jan 2018, they grandfathered some people who were on that plan, but I'm not sure everyone was grandfathered because there were several complaints at the time, so SS had to fix a lot of accounts (that users found were blank, missing features, etc) - this may or may not be the issue with the OP, but he/she has to call SS to find out.
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