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Friday, January 26th, 2024 12:37 AM

Outdoor Camera does not record

My video door bell pro stopped detecting motion for a long time and after trying every reset in the book with 3 replacements, SS could not figure it out. My concern was escalated to CEO office but the problem continued. As a band aid, they offered me to send outdoor camera. 

I installed it but it refuses to record. It detects but does not record. I am getting this message which is not only confusing but makes no sense -

“You have enough cameras on your existing plan to subscribe this location's cameras. No need to upgrade.”

Could anyone from SS sort this out? Or do I need to escalate it again to CEO level?


I am not sure why I am getting into more and more trouble with each passing day. SS products are failing to function normally.

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3 months ago

Hi @ashmak ,

It sounds like what's happening is that you have more than 10 cameras already listed on your account. You might run into this problem if you received replacement units, but the old cameras were not properly removed from your account.

Yes, any agent from our Support team can help correct this issue by removing those cameras. We'll just need to verify which ones are actually still supposed to be there.

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I do not have more than 10 cameras. I have 8 including this one. How did you get info about 10 cameras in my account? Was it only a standard answer for public consumption? Something is seriously wrong at SS, be it their devices, application or data?

Any helpful answer to resolve the issue?

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@ashmak​ There is a limit of 10 cameras on all SimpliSafe accounts. You mention receiving 3 Video Doorbell replacements, so if you're seeing this error despite only having 8 cameras, it sounds like 2 of those replacement doorbells are still listed on your account. 

As Davey mentioned, if you contact our Support team our agents will be able to help remove the cameras that should not be on your account.

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