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Tuesday, November 7th, 2023 4:39 AM

System suddenly stopped working. Will not react to any sensors. App will not connect or control base station

A few days ago our system would not disarm via keypad or app. We called customer support, who had us reset the base station by unplugging it and removing batteries. After that the keypad would arm and disarm the system, but the app would just spin when trying to arm or disarm. We tried the app on multiple phones.

Additionally, we noticed the base station has since stopped chiming when entry sensors are open. We then tested the system by arming it via keypad then opening several doors, and the alarm did not go off! The base station seems unresponsive to all sensors.

Another hour long customer support call going in circles, and nothing is fixed. Base station still does not react to any sensors. Cannot arm or disarm system via app. When trying to adjust settings in the app it says it cannot connect to the base station.

We also made sure the system is connected to our 2.4ghz wifi.

Our system was working flawlessly for 2 years, now it is totally broken, even after 2 long sessions with customer support on the phone. Has anyone had a similar issue resolved? We will be cancelling our service if we cannot get this resolved in the next couple days.



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4 months ago

@justinproctor5 This is very unusual, and serious behavior for your system. Suggest calling back, ask the agent for a call back from a supervisor and techncial specialist. Insist on high level support callback and not troubleshoot with agent on the phone, as you have already gone that route. Again, highly unusual and of course needs to be addressed asap.

Please post your outcome here. Good luck.

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4 months ago

Hi @justinproctor5, 

I'm very sorry to hear about all this trouble. I've forwarded your case to our escalated Support team, one of our specialists will reach out to you soon to troubleshoot your system in real time and get to the bottom of this.

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