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Monday, April 25th, 2022 1:03 PM

Keypads not turning off alarm, other issues

I have an original SimpliSafe that I've been satisfied with until now. Unfortunately, there are some odd behaviors that make our system nearly unusable. 

The most concerning is in the mornings. We set our alarm to Home mode at night, and in the mornings, when we attempt to disarm, we have to enter the PIN many times in order to get it to recognize and disarm the system. 

Further, should we accidentally open one of our doors to let our dog out first thing, the alarm goes off as expected, but it is VERY difficult to get the system to accept a PIN at that time. We've had a couple of false alarms because of this - not good for the SimpliSafe call center team, or for our eardrums. 

Information: Both keypads are within 15 feet of the base unit, both have a clear line of sight. The base is sitting next to the WiFi. The base was upgraded to 4G whenever that effort was launched a couple years ago. The keypads both have new batteries. There are three entry sensors, two glass break sensors, and two motion detectors... we'd like to add more soon, but not until this issue is resolved, else we'll be going with Ring or the like. And it's an original system. Thank you! 

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2 years ago

Hi @thedudeabides ,

Since you gave us detailed info, we can knock out a few possible causes for this issue. Because the Keypad is so close to the Base, we know that it's not a range issue, and with the clear line of sight, we know it's not physical interference.

But we still have not eliminated wireless interference - i.e. from other wireless signals competing for the same airspace. The sensors communicate via a low frequency radio, so WiFi (a very high-frequency signal) wouldn't normally be a problem. But I would suggest moving your Base Station away from the WiFi router anyway (since up close, that signal could be very powerful).

And of course we want to look for any other wireless devices that may cause concern. We're looking for simpler devices - remote controlled garage door openers and wireless weather stations are my go-to examples. 


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