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Monday, April 4th, 2022 6:50 PM

Keychain remotes not working

Just discovered that neither of my keychain remotes are working.  Changed batteries with (confirmed) fresh batteries, checked battery spring, etc.  System device check says that they are "OK", and yet they don't work.  Any ideas?

1st generation SS system

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1 year ago

Hi @sellersattic ,

You mention that you've checked the spring, but have you already tried putting in a piece of paper over the battery, to hold it down tighter when the cover is on?

Otherwise, we might need to think about alternate options. Replacements may no longer be available for the previous-gen Keychain Remote. But our Support team at 800-548-9508 would be happy to help.

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Thanks for your reply!

I have tried everything (including more tension on the battery) multiple times with no joy.  It's surprising that both remotes (key fobs) are failing to work.

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10 months ago

My system has been reporting that remote is not responding. Changed battery but it didn't fix the problem.

It has been for a while. Decided to look into this problem and came across of this discussion. Is it a fixable problem or I should forget about it? I also have Gen 1 system, purchased and install shortly after Simply Safe got into business.

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3 months ago

Original System Keychain remote stopped working.

Replaced Battery. No Joy.

Ordered replacement (original system remote). Installed. Recognized as added by Base station. Non functional.

Swapped Battery. No Joy.

Uninstalled/reinstalled. No Joy.


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Hi @stevesanelsoncom​, 

Since changing the battery and removing/readding the the Keychain did not help to make it work, I would reach out to our Support team for some live troubleshooting. 

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Emily - would you be so kind as to post here what the options are?  Is the only option for folks with a Gen 1 system and broken keychain remotes, an entirely new security system?  What is the availability of replacement keychain remotes for Gen 1 systems (hmmm...I guess I actually have "Gen 2 / legacy")?  None?  Thanks...


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Hi @gadomes​,

Keychain Remotes for the Original SimpliSafe system are in stock. If a replacement is required, our Support team will be able to send one to you - no new security system required. They are also available on our online store; so if you ever want to purchase additional Keychain Remotes, you can do so on our website, too.


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@emily_s​ Thanks very much.

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