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Wednesday, December 6th, 2023 5:30 PM

Base station beep prior to alarm sounding

We have our Base Station by the front door but the Keypad is upstairs. If the system is armed and we exit front door, the beeping warning occurs at the Keypad, but we can't hear it downstairs and often times the alarm goes off. Is there a way to have the Base Station beep just like the Keypad does, letting us know the alarm will soon sound?



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6 months ago

@jareds27 Let me answer your question and then, will make a suggestion to use your system differently. First, the keypad beeps and the base does not. If you purchase an aux siren (great to have BTW) you have the option to have the siren beep besides the keypad and I am pretty confident you will then hear it.

I have our base hidden with a picture in front of it. It is configured to no light, no voice prompts, zip. I do have my aux siren and keypad chirp/beep away so no issues hearing the countdown. And two keypads, one at the back door where we 100% enter and exit and one in the master bedbroom upstairs. No false alarms and no issues entering and exiting. Also, all motion, glass break and entry ensors are on instant trigger, except fo the one entry door and, even with that, delay entry and exit for home mode are both set to 0 seconds delay.

Hope you find this useful.

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Thanks, that was helpful and confirmed what I thought would be true, no chirping countdown available on the base station. We'll look to get either an aux siren or another keypad. Thanks again.

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