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Monday, November 27th, 2023 9:02 PM

Gen 2 SimpliSafe on Basic App Control

I have the same exact problem.  I live in a gated community and de-activated my service choosing to manage my system through push notifications only (free service).  Unfortunately, when you do that, you are unable to assign names to your devices or change the names of any previously assigned devices.  They're basically locked for life; so, if you move a motion sensor (for example) that was previously named "back patio" to another room in your old home, it's still going to have the name "back patio" for push notifications and you can't change that.  And when you go to the Simplisafe App, you will only see the serial number of the device under your device listings, and will be unable to change the name there.  It's Simplisafe's way of saying "buy our plan or else".  Considering switching over to Ring (have Ring cameras anyway) where they don't play these kinds of games with customers who buy their systems.  

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3 months ago

Hi @stuhrw ,

Monitoring Service - either the Standard or the Fast Protect Plan, includes enabling the built-in cellular connectivity. The problem for you here is that since your Original SimpliSafe doesn't have WiFi, it can only connect to the app with that cellular connection. So unless you are subscribed, you won't be able to take advantage to any of the app features - arming or disarming remotely, changing settings, or push notifications.

It sounds like you've already reached out to our Support team for that downgrade, and I'm sorry that they missed this crucial info! And they also might have missed telling you about our huge discounts to upgrade to a Gen 3 system. I've requested a call to make sure we take care of you.

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2 months ago

Recently I have noticed u cannot see the status of all the sensors on the system at one time using basic app control.  this was modified recently.  not nice ...

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@scottgoodman​ On the home screen of the mobile app, if you click on "learn more" it should give you the status of all of your devices and let you know if any of them are offline or have a low battery.

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