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Thursday, May 12th, 2022 11:39 PM

What happened with Gen1 or Gen2 customers?

Did SimpliSafe give Gen1 or Gen2 customers a huge discount to update to the newest generation of system when it was released?  I'm just curious what to expect when a Gen4 system comes out...

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2 years ago

Hi @xephael ,

Yep, as ronsec says, we do have that Upgrade Offer. And it's also correct that we are still able to offer support to owners who are happy with their Original systems. While I can't speak to what future versions of our system will look like, we'll make sure that you're taken care of - no matter which SimpliSafe you have.

@ronsec , that's great feedback. I know that we have a lot of customers who aren't the most confident with technology. One of our ongoing goals is to keep improving our Help Center and Support teams, to make troubleshooting and maintaining your systems even easier.

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2 years ago

I'm still using my Gen 2 system.  Certain parts are now getting hard to find, but the Gen 2 does all that I need.  SS has a standing offer (so far) for 50% off the new system for Gen 1/2 users wanting to upgrade. A generous deal imo.   The only thing stopping me is that to do over the air upgrades you must move the keypad near the base.  If something should happen to me (I'm 75) I doubt my wife would be able to deal with that - she can barely use her cell phone! LOL

1 year ago

What do we do when Gen 2 parts stop working? Both of my keypads stopped working at the same time. I don't understand how that's possible but I can't get them functioning again. I upgraded the module also when I was notified, if you need that information. Instead of replacing both keypads, I'd be content just getting one new one. Is that possible?

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9 months ago

I have been using SS from 2017. I had purchased the equipment and installed it without monitoring plan and it was working fine.

I got a monitoring plan after some time. Now i wish to cancel the monitoring plan and support is stating that the equipment will not work without a monitoring plan.

Do I need to keep paying for the plan or need to pay for upgrading the equipment?

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@schathiari​ No matter the generation of your system, a professional monitoring plan is not required. SimpliSafe can work as an offline alarm-only system.

Without a monitoring plan, you'll still be able to arm and disarm you system through the SimpliSafe mobile app, view live footage of your cameras, and trigger the audible sirens. When your system is connected via WiFi, you can also use the app to control the system remotely, and even enable alarm notifications.

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