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Thursday, October 15th, 2020 9:53 PM

Procedure to upgrade old system to new system

Hello Simplisafe Team,

I have an old alarm system with several motion sensors, doors and windows sensors that currently setup with the old system. Now that I have the new system and accessories, what is the process and/or procedure do I need to do to replace these hardware? Thanks.

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4 years ago

Hi all,

If you followed coltmaster1's advice and activated your All-New SimpliSafe system online by choosing the "Existing Customer" or "Transfer Monitoring" option, then the Original SimpliSafe system will automatically be removed from your account. If not, you will have to call our Support Team to cancel your service on that Original SimpliSafe system.

For customers who are upgrading because they received an email offering a discount to "upgrade" their system then a return label will be included to return the Original SimpliSafe system. If you just purchased an All-New SimpliSafe system online, then the Original SimpliSafe security system is yours to keep and you do have the option to sell that if you wish.

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@simplisafe_admin​  I am so glad I found this thread. I just this week upgraded my Original SimpliSafe System to the new Gen 3 which I love. When I spoke to customer service to place my upgrade, I was thrilled to learn the new system would be 50% off! While talking with her, I thought she mentioned sending the old system to SimpliSafe. However, none of the paperwork included with the new system mentioned this return or instructions for doing so. So I called customer service again to clarify and was told there was no need to return it. I’ll be sending the old one back using the return postage label I received. Thanks again for the info!

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4 years ago

First, take down all the old parts, except for cameras.  None of the sensors will work with the new system which now uses encrypted signals.

Next, install the new system.  The sensors are added using the keypad, unlike the computer program used for the old system.

At this point, you should be able to replace the old base in your account with the new one.  I have not done that, so don't know how you do it, but I did temporarily add the new system in parallel with the old system and it was quite easy and straightforward.

If it is not covered in the instructions, or obvious from the prompts, you can always call support (during their business hours) for help.

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4 years ago

When I changed from SS2 to SS3, I just took down all the old sensors, disabled the base, set up new sensors and base station, then went online to my account to "activate".   There's a link to "activate", (on the left-hand side bar of your dashboard) - click it and choose "existing customer" - it will prompt you to enter the new base station's serial number, which cancels your old system and initiates your new system.  It might take up to 30 minutes to complete the activation process, just follow the prompts.  Any questions, just call SS for assistance.

Here's a link to SS user manuals:  https://simplisafe.com/manual

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4 years ago

Should you delete the old equipment from your account online after they are removed?

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4 years ago

I am upgrading to the latest version and have my new system on order.  Once I receive and install it, what do I do with the old system?  Can I return it to SS?  Can I sell it privately since everything works?  Is there personal info attached to the current system that should keep me from selling it?

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1 year ago

Is there always a 50% trade in discount when upgrading to the new system or is it only during "promotional" time periods?  I would like to upgrade to Gen 3 from the original SS and was just wondering.

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3 months ago

Need the same help!

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Hi @jriley9496​, 

Once you receive your Gen 3 system, you will need to transfer monitoring to your new Base Station by going to simplisafe.com/activate and then clicking on "Transfer Monitoring."

Once that has been transferred to your new Base Station, you will then need to set it up, along with any of the new sensors you have received. The sensors from your Original SimpliSafe system will not be compatible with the Gen 3 system. If you check out this guide on our Help Center, we provide step by step instructions on upgrading to your new Gen 3 system.

Once that is complete, you will no longer need to send in your Original SimpliSafe system and its devices - those are yours to keep.

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