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Thursday, May 19th, 2022 4:39 AM

Return Gen1 Components After Upgrading to Gen3?

I recently upgraded my system to the Gen 3. I also purchased the Video Doorbell Pro. All components shipped together in a single box that included also included a Return Shipping Label. As it turns out, I can not use the doorbell and need to return it. 

I called the CS line and explained my situation to the rep, to which the rep graciously began the return process. She explained the refund would not be processed until SS received the doorbell, and I would need to print the Shipping Label she emailed me, within 72hrs. I then asked her what the Return Shipping Label included in the original delivery was for, as I assumed it was for returns, and she said the return label was included because I needed to return the Gen 1 system back to SS. Because this didn't  make sense, I own the Gen 1 system and have not seen this mentioned anywhere in the FAQs or on any documentation or emails I received, I asked her to clarify in case I misunderstood her.... well, she repeated herself. 

Is she correct? Does SimpliSafe require customers that upgrade their systems, to return their old system?

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2 years ago


If you had taken advantage of a Trade-Up promotion, we do indeed include a return label, so we can get the old equipment out of your way. Apologies if that was not clear!

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Thank you for your help. The labels that were sent to me do not have bar codes for shipping.

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@jac18182000​ It sounds like that return label may not have been scaled properly, which cut off barcode. If you reach out to our Support team, our agents can send you a new shipping label.

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