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Sunday, May 15th, 2022 2:07 PM

Extend wires from water sensor?

I have two sump pump pits that I would like to monitor for high water, ie sump pump fails, so I get a notice hopefully before the pit(s) overflow.

Don't want to put the sensor in the pit so thinking I can extend wires from the sensor to go into the pit. Maybe even monitor both pits with wires extended from one sensor.

Offhand don't know why it wouldn't work. Someone probably tried it already.


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2 years ago

I'm sure this has been done and discussed that it works just fine.  Easy enough to jury-rig a temp set up and try it on your own.  Good luck!

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The design of the SimpliSafe water sensor could stand to be improved. The hardwood floor in my master bedroom was severely damaged by a water leak from a shower in an adjoining bathroom. The water came under the 2x4 at the bottom of the wall and into the wood flooring. Putting a SimpliSafe water detector on top of the wood flooring would not have done any good, because the water would never accumulate on top of the half-inch thick wood flooring. Instead, it merely soaked into the wood flooring and ruined it. The SimpliSafe water detector should have a plug where a water sensing rope could be attached. Then the water sensing rope could be put on the concrete foundation in the small gap between the 2x4 at the bottom of the wall and  the edge of the hardwood flooring. There are other leak detection systems that use this kind of water sensing rope for more robust leak detection before serious damage is done.  I hope SimpliSafe reads these notes.

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@jm01​ Thank you for your feedback! I will forward this to our devs for them to see as well.

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1 year ago

Never did try extending wires off the water sensor terminals. Was going to buy a couple more to use but those for SS2 systems are about as rare as hen's teeth these days.

What I did instead was buy more (used) entry sensors from eBay, then modified two of them with external wiring to normally closed float switches. The float switches are mounted in the sump pits so if the pumps don't work or are not keeping up, I'll get Alert Only notifications saying, (Entry Sensor Opened) "North Sump High Level" or "South Sump High Level".


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